Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Vbuzzer Messenger is a software work with the amazing XMPP protocols & Session Initiation respectively, which make it excellent a Voice over IP (VoIP) and compatible with an instant messaging software like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, this program gives you a multiple services telephonic, internet fax, mobile SMS, and VPN

You can make phone calls with this useful software to phones in US, Canada, China and so many countries around the world, this amazing technology lets you call from your Windows/Mac OS to mobile phones, you can even setup an US or Canada phone number to receive your calls that without mention the additional phone services from receive calls while you are out, using your cellphone like your land line phone and listen to your voice-mails

The Fax service allows you to apply for a fax number and receive your faxes to your computer as files, upload your files from your PC and send them worldwide

SMS (send short message) to mobile phones worldwide for low rates. It will allow you sending SMS from your Vbuzzer messenger account or via web
Also Vbuzzer Messenger offers you its VPN service where you can access email, office network, websites through remote access


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