Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Try the amazing VoipDiscount

What's VoipDiscount?

First read - How does VoIP work
Simply it's feature linked to VoIP Services (Voice Over IP) help you to make calls to international and local land lines phones, mobiles and computer over the internet, this feature gives you the free calls offers and discounts on your calls weekly and monthly, you can connect 24/7 to any of your friends online to any where world wide, just Download it now for free and start calling immediately.

Trying VoipDiscount for The first Time

After you download the software, and install it with very easy and simple steps which provided with the program, it's required from you to make user dial 00 + country code + area code + subscriber number name and password to start use your VoipDiscount, choose any username suites you but at least it have to be 6 characters in length, the name should be not taken for other member if it's you have to try another name, try always to get the latest version of the software in order to not have any problems with using your software

Calling With VoipDiscount

Enter your friend number if he also have a VoipDiscount account or his phone number you can call him free using the app, and also you can text him or call him by low rate cost to GSM mobile network, when not connecting to internet. You can dial the desired phone number just like you do with regular phone Or use the keypad on your PC.